The sun drops below the horizon, the remnants of its light casting a purple glow over the desert.

A soft wind whispers through a cypress tree that stands alone in a vast expanse of land. Beneath the tree, a small desert fox watches contentedly as dusk fades into night. As constellations begin to reveal themselves in the night sky, he scurries off, running along the ridge of a starlit dune.

The fox enjoys nighttime: the feeling of cool sand on his paws and the quiet calm that falls over the dunes. Each evening as the sun wanes, he leaves his burrow under the cypress tree to watch the sun's final descent. He finds great comfort in this moment that he allows himself before embarking on his nightly hunt.

Give yourself the time to slow down and the space to find peace and beauty in simple moments. Once you learn to recognize them and are kind enough to yourself to take the time to appreciate them, these moments seem quite plentiful. Like the desert fox, they will bring you great comfort.